Gautier is located along the Mississippi Sound and the Pascagoula River, about 10 miles west of Ocean Springs along U.S. 90. Some of this coastal area is hilly, leaving property higher on the hills with only wind damage from Hurricane Katrina. With its intricate bayous, Gautier offers more than 70 miles of waterfront.

The city is named for Fernando Upton Gautier, who established a lucrative sawmill here, which the community grew up around. Though many important historic structures were lost because of Katrina, Gautier’s stately homestead, built in 1867, still stands at the mouth of the Pascagoula River Basin. The city was not incorporated until 1986.

Once a “sleepy fishing village,” Gautier is quickly becoming a center of business, with a growing ecotourism industry. The city boasts the Singing River Mall, the only mall in Jackson County. Gautier offers easy access to the barrier islands, making it a popular locale for water sports. Gautier is also home to the Mississippi Sandhill Crane Refuge.